TC Studios is located at 1085 Bellamy Rd N. in Scarborough Ont. (Google map)

Rent the Studio!

  • Model / Fashion Shoot
  • Photo Sessions
  • Product Shoots
  • Casting Call
  • Photography Workshops
  • Podcast (Audio/Video)
  • **Editorial
  • **Green Screen
    Free Parking.
    Clean well kept environment.
    One minute away from major intersection bus route.
    Sonic Comfort massager & lounge chair.
    Drupaties Restaurant is literally next building.
    Client hangout area.
    Large screen for Live View, Preview or external tethering screen.
    Ground level loading door at back.
    Convenience store, Tim Hortons, Cafe close by.
    **Help & guidance for setup by Pete.
    **Student discount.

    **(see notes at bottom)
    Window Light
    The studio features two windows (2'x6') facing south. Usually covered by the existing backdrop. If you require window light this can be arranged by moving the backdrop to the left wall in picture, 19ft of length remaining to pose & shoot.
    Min rental for this to happen is 3hrs.
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    Basic Rental

    Rate 1: $35 /hr (2 - 3 hrs)
    Rate 2: 10% off (4 hr $126)
    Rate 3: 15% off (8 hr $238)
    Overtime: $35 /hr

    Basic includes:

    1. Two bounce umbrellas (36")
    2. Two shoot through umbrellas (32")
    3. Two Brolly Boxes (38")
    4. Two 5 in one reflectors (40" & 22")
    5. Two light stands with umbrella mount.
    6. One boom, clamps, sandbags
    7. Muslin Backdrop (grey or white mottled)
    8. Muslin backdrop (black 3/4 length)
    9. **Seamless paper (see notes at bottom)
    10. Posing stool
    11. Two 6'x6' dividers (bounce, headshots)
    12. Dressing room, rolling rack, hangers
    13. Wheeled & lighted makeup table
    14. Bluetooth / mini jack speakers
    15. Extension cords
    16. Heavy duty 20" fan

    Suitable for headshots, 3/4 length.
    Bring your own speedlights, strobes.

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    Basic+ Rental

    Rate 1: $45 /hr (2 - 3 hrs)
    Rate 2: 10% off (4 hr $162)
    Rate 3: 15% off (8 hr $306)
    Overtime: $45 /hr

    Basic + includes:

      All listed above plus:

    1. Two 5500k continuous lights (@ ≥ 13,000 Lm)
    2. Two softboxes for above (20"x28")
    3. Various light stands
    4. 43" screen (liveview / review / playback)
    5. Sonic Comfort massager & lounge chair
    6. Foam cores (small & medium)
    7. Microwave, Kettle
    8. Fridge (bring your own goodies)

    Suitable for single or group headshots to 3/4 length.

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    Photo Pro Rental

    Rate 1: $55 /hr (2 - 3 hrs)
    Rate 2: 10% off (4 hr $198)
    Rate 3: 15% off (8 hr $374)
    Overtime: $45 /hr

    Photo Pro includes:

      All listed above plus:

    1. Two Bowens Gemini 500 Strobes
    2. Flashwave Trigger w/ 3 receivers
    3. Octa Softbox Bowens mount (48")
    4. Softbox Bowens mount (24"x36")
    5. Stripbox & Grid Bowens mount (12"x48")
    6. Two Heavy duty cushioned light stands
    7. Barndoor with grid & gels (6" dia)
    8. Boom arm on wall
    9. Barndoor with grid & gels (6" dia)
    10. Full Length backdrop
    11. **Full Length Seamless
    12. Godox 360w Strobe with:
    13. - Godox Wireless Power Control Flash Trigger
      - 18" Octa Softbox & grid
      - 25" Octabox
      - 18" Beauty Dish & HoneyComb & Diffuser
      - 180 Deg Wide Angle Soft Focus Diffuser
      - Snoot with Grid
      - Reflector and Umbrella Holder

    Suitable for full studio photography.

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    Podcast Basic

    Rate 1: $40 /hr (2 - 3 hrs)
    Rate 2: 10% off (4 hr $144)
    Rate 3: 15% off (8 hr $272)
    Overtime: $30 /hr

    Podcast Basic includes:

    1. Two 5500k continuous lights (@ ≥ 13,000 Lm)
    2. Two softboxes for above (20"x28")
    3. Various light stands
    4. Backdrop or Green Screen
    5. Bluetooth / mini jack speakers
    6. Discussion Table & Chairs
    7. Microwave, Kettle
    8. Fridge (bring your own goodies)
    9. Extension cords

    Bring your own Mics & Recording Unit / Laptop.

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    Podcast Pro

    Rate 1: $55 /hr (2 - 3 hrs)
    Rate 2: 10% off (4 hr $198)
    Rate 3: 15% off (8 hr $374)
    Overtime: $45 /hr

    Podcast Pro includes:

      All listed above plus:

    1. Three table Mics
    2. Mixing Board
    3. Recorder / Laptop
    4. 43" screen (liveview / review / playback)

    Bring your own USB stick / Memory Card to transfer data.

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    **Editorial (Photo Pro)
    ($360 up to 10 hours - day or night)
    Must provide proof that work is for Canadian Magazines on sale at Ontario News Stands.

    **Student discount 25%
    Must provide name of school, name of course, and other details about the relevance of your project to your course.

    **Green Screen
    Two widths available (53" & 107")
    $6/ft extra for length placed on ground.

    **Seamless Paper (we stock white 53" & 107")
    Please advise before hand if you need other color, length and width.
    $4/ft extra for (53") paper placed on ground.
    $6/ft extra for (107") paper placed on ground.

    **Help & Guidance
    Studio photography can be intimidating for the uncertain. If you let us, we shall hold your hand the entire shoot if neccessary. We will be on hand to solve issues with use of equipment, lighting setup or to seek guidance when the shoot results dont seem to be coming together the way you think it should... all at no extra charge.

    General Info

    Minimum Time Slot
    (2 hours - day or night)

    Contact us if you wish to view TC Studios. We want to show you around - strictly by appointment only.

    Renters must sign Rental AgreementĀ and Insurance Liability waiver.

    First time renters of TC Studios (may) be asked to supply a reference.

    Your rental timeslot includes setup and cleanup. Please ensure you cater time for cleanup and packing. Overtime charges will be enforced.

    Maximum eight (8) persons in studio shooting area at a time.

    Power for high drain electrical equipment exceeding 100 watts (fresnel, hot lights etc): $5.00 per hour each.

    Rental hours are between 8am - 10pm. After 10pm, surcharge of 25% the studio rates will apply.

    Studio attendant will be on premises during rental hours.

    Rental of studio is for legal purposes only, to be stated at time of booking. Any activity deemed illegal at the sole discretion of the studio attendant, the rental shall be aborted with no refund.

    Payment & Cancellation

    TangCanada Media Inc. accepts cash, INTERAC email transfer, PayPal.

    VISA, Mastercard, AMEX also accepted but will be subject to surcharge.

    Receipt with HST added is provided for tax purposes.

    50% total rental fee deposit must be made at least 48 hours prior to your rental date/time to hold the booking. Balance due on day of rental before use of Studio.


    - Must be done by email for timestamping & records.
    - Within 48 hours of rental start: 50% of total rental fee.

    - More than 48hrs will be subject to $15 reservation fee if deposit was made.

    Damage, Cleanliness & Garbage

    A security deposit (may) be required before begin use of studio solely at the discretion of TangCanada. From $50 - $200 at its sole discretion.

    Renters are responsible for any damages to the property,furniture, equipment & disappearance of items from within the studio area and within your care.
    Washroom facilities MUST be kept clean on a per use basis.
    Renters are responsible for general visible cleanup and dumping any garbage generated. Dumpster bin on premises is only a short walk or you can choose to pay us for cleanup (amount at our sole discretion).
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    Please note that if no deposit is received, your reservation will not appear on the Calendar.
    To see the length of each booking, click the Week Tab or click the respective time and a popup will display.


    "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst." -- Henri Cartier-Bresson

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